E komo mai

It is the year 2021.

Our island community values and protects our land and natural resources, beauty, and culture because we understand how they nurture and sustain our bodies, spirits and livelihoods…

Three Guiding Principles

“Kauaʻi:  Sustainable, Prosperous and Living Aloha”

Aloha is Kauaʻi’s Spirit

To enfold everything we do, think and say in Aloha, the Spirit of Love, is the essence of Kauaʻi’s Spirit.  How we live with each other, how we plan for the future, how we treat the ʻaina, (the land and the natural environment) and how we resolve conflicts in our families, our community and our world must be infused with aloha.  Love is the only way to true freedom, harmony and peace.


"Ua mau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono"

  Our state motto says, “The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness,” that the ends cannot justify the means. We cannot perpetuate life or land without rightness of spirit, thinking or action.  The process (and who we become in that process) is as important as the outcome.


Sustainability is inherent in aloha and pono.  All human activity must respect the limits of nature, taking only what is needed and not from future generations.

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