The Kauaʻi Bus is essential for a healthy economy and quality of life. Expanding bus services is about:

  1. Taking care of the most vulnerable ­­those with disabilities ­­and the most beloved in our community ­­na kupuna, who need a safe and affordable way to travel. In the next 4 years, those over 60 years of age will make up 25% of Kauaʻi’s population.
  2. Supporting the workforce in getting to and from work on time, thereby supporting the economy.
  3. Supporting students in getting to and from school and after­school activities, thereby supporting education.
  4. Protecting the environment by reducing fossil fuel use and greenhouse gases.
  5. Providing an affordable transportation option for those who cannot afford a car or gas.
  6. Providing a cost ­effective way of expanding road capacity and reducing traffic


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