Providing adequate affordable housing is one of the biggest challenges facing Kauaʻi today. It is a big part of quality of life on Kauaʻi. A community is better when every person has a safe, clean and affordable place to call home.

But finding an affordable home on the market is almost impossible when multi­millionaires are buying land on Kaua’i, and the median price of a single family home is around $600,000. Where will our young families, na kupuna, and everyone else live?

A community is better when every person has a safe, clean and affordable place to call home

Throughout my 26 years in elected office, working with many partners, I have been involved in providing over 1500 affordable homes at Komohana, Waialeale Estates, Paanau, Kalepa Village, Kilauea, Waimea Valley, Eleele Nani, Halelani Village, Lihue Court, Habitat for Humanity, Kolopua, Rice Camp and soon Ko’aie in Po’ipu. At Kolopua in Princeville and Koʻaie in Poʻipu, I initiated the effort to ensure that these units will be permanently affordable­ i.e., always and only available to income ­qualified families.

Providing affordable housing is a complex process. I am committed to establishing:

  1. A workable law requiring developers to contribute their fair share of resources to build affordable housing in a win-­win manner.
  2. A policy that keeps government ­assisted homes insulated from the market to enable Kauaʻi’s affordable housing inventory to grow.
  3. A source of capital for building and maintaining affordable housing.
  4. Financial literacy for those who want an affordable home.
  5. Design and location of housing that minimizes fossil fuel usage and transportation costs.
  6. A “Housing First” approach to homelessness.

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