The Issues Affecting Kaua‘i

Affordable Housing

Providing adequate affordable housing is one of the biggest challenges facing Kauaʻi today. It is a big part of quality of life on Kauaʻi. A community is better when every person has a safe, clean and affordable place to call home. But finding an affordable home on...

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Traffic Congestion

The County needs to embrace a new approach to traffic and roads. Instead of trying to solve traffic congestion by widening roads and building major bypasses, the County should aggressively implement its Kauai Multimodal Land Transportation Plan by expanding Kauai Bus...

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Fixing Our Roads

Our first priority should be to keep our existing county roads in good condition. Weʻve “kicked the can down the road” too long; we must not pass on a $100 million road repair bill to our grandchildren. It took the County Public Works ­Roads Division several years to...

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Expanding Kauaʻi Bus Services

The Kauaʻi Bus is essential for a healthy economy and quality of life. Expanding bus services is about: Taking care of the most vulnerable ­­those with disabilities ­­and the most beloved in our community ­­na kupuna, who need a safe and affordable way to travel. In...

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Solid Waste

A landfill is necessary, but it can be significantly downsized, its environmental impacts reduced, and its costs to build and operate decreased if the county puts in place a well­ designed zero waste management system that encourages the 3R’s: Reduce, Re­Use and...

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Note To Readers: Thank you for your interest in my positions on the issues. This is a work in progress. If you wish to ask questions about my positions on the above issues or have issues to suggest that I address, please email me at jymf@joannyukimura.com

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