Discussion Papers

The issues facing Kaua’i today are complex, and the solutions are sometimes counterintuitive. Finding good solutions requires a spirit of inquiry and a deep respect for diversity of thought and perspective. In these discussion papers I share my thinking on various issues in the hope that it will contribute to our shared effort to create a sustainable, prosperous and compassionate community. I hope these papers show at the very least the rigor of my thinking, transparency of my approach, and the sincerity of my search for real solutions.

Kauai Must Manage Resort Development (November 2017)

Kaua‘i Bus Status Report (May 2017)

JoAnn’s Charter Amendment Recommendations for Voting (2016)

A Vision for Kaua’i (Feb 2016) If we are to keep Kaua’i, Kaua’i, even as we grow and change, we need to start with a vision. Proverbs 29:18 says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” I intend my Vision for Kaua’i to be an open draft, and I invite you to share your vision.

How to Have a Voice A guide to navigating the County Council’s processes.

Statement on Beth Tokioka”s Appointment to the Water Board

JY Comments on Joint Fact Finding Draft Report on Pesticide Use by Large Agribusinesses on Kauai

JY Statement re Salary Commission Recommendations Why I voted for some executive salary increases and not others

Why Kauai needs an excise tax

Fixing our roads – owning our kuleana

Kauai residents need a sustainable, affordable way to get around

Solving traffic congestion in the Kapaa-Wailua corridor

Lima Ola questions deserves answers

Civil Beat 2016 election questions

Response to Kauaʻi Chamber of Commerce Questionnaire 2016

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