Aloha, dear friends!

As you may know, I am seeking re-election to the County Council this year.

I’ve served in elected office for 6 years as mayor and almost 18 years on the Council. It has been a privilege to serve. I’ve been able to do so only because of your support.

You, who love Kauaʻi and are willing to participate in the political process by voting and working for the candidates and issues you believe in, make our democracy strong—and my work possible.

I am deeply grateful for your kokua and partnership. Together, we’ve stopped highrises and the Superferry; limited Nukoliʻi and other unwise development; promoted bikeways, affordable housing, public access, farm worker housing, recycling; started the Kauaʻi Bus and sunshine markets; imposed controls on vacation rentals; expanded shoreline open space; and begun to address the important issues of pesticide use and GMO agribusiness.

We have accomplished much together. Still, much of the work is ongoing, and there is much more work to be done.

While we may not agree on every issue, we share the same values: honesty and integrity in government, fiscal integrity, protection of our natural environment and resources, good planning, public safety, fair opportunities for everyone, and decisions based the common good. I have strived to live by these values throughout my years in office.

I have also had a clear vision that guides my work. I believe that my leadership, based on those values and vision, has made a difference in the quality of life on Kauaʻi and the quality of community that we enjoy today.

These days, I am also finding myself in the role of mentoring and learning from the younger generation. It is thrilling to see young people step forward. I believe the best solutions to the complex and serious problems that face us today will come out of a synergy of young and old.

Your help is vital. A campaign does not happen without supporters and contributors. Please support me in whatever way you can.

There are three main ways to help:

1. Volunteer. Hold signs, post yard signs, sport a Yukimura bumper sticker, help staff our Farm Fair Booth; host a coffee hour or beer bust. See or join me on Facebook.

2. Give money. It takes money to run a council race (Cost of signs, brochures, t-shirts, radio and print ads, mail-outs, etc. can easily add up to $40,000). The good news is that under state law, contributions up to $100 will be matched 1:1 per contributor for each election (Primary and General). For a relatively small amount, you can make an investment in good leadership for Kauaʻi. Please consider giving $15, $25, $50, $100, or more per election, as you are able. As of now, we do not have plans for a fundraiser, so please consider this letter the opportunity to give.

3. Talk with family and friends. Tell them why you support me. Make sure they are registered to vote and help them remember to vote.

Mahalo for your past support and your continuing suppport as we move forward together.

Me ke aloha piha,